Cake Flavors

Basic Flavors

Traditional Vanilla - vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream (option to make confetti cake)

Signature Vanilla - vanilla cake/vanilla-lemon buttercream (option to make confetti cake)

Vanilla Cream Cheese - vanilla cake/cream cheese frosting (option to make confetti cake)

Almond - almond cake/almond buttercream (option to make confetti cake)

Traditional Chocolate - chocolate cake/vanilla buttercream

Signature Chocolate - yellow cake/chocolate fudge buttercream

Double Chocolate - chocolate cake/chocolate fudge buttercream

Chocolate Cream Cheese - chocolate cake/cream cheese

Cinnamon Bun - vanilla cake/ browned butter cinnamon cream cheese

Traditional Red Velvet - red velvet cake/cream cheese

Signature Red Velvet - red velvet cake/browned butter cinnamon cream cheese

Salted Caramel - vanilla cake/salted caramel buttercream/caramel drizzle

Strawberry - strawberry cake/strawberry buttercream

Strawberry Cream Cheese - strawberry cake/cream cheese

Specialty Flavors

Butter Pecan - butter pecan cake/cream cheese

Traditional Carrot - carrot cake/cream cheese

Signature Carrot - carrot cake/browned butter cinnamon cream cheese

Key Lime - yellow cake/key lime filling/key lime cream cheese

Strawberry Shortcake - vanilla cake/strawberry filling/whipped frosting

Specialty Liquor Flavors

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka® - yellow cake/Firefly© buttercream and drizzle

Jack Daniels TN honey Whiskey® - yellow cake/Jack Daniels® buttercream and drizzle

White Russian - vanilla cake/White Russian buttercream

Allergy Notice:

I am a one-women, home-based bakery. My kitchen is not a nut-free or dairy-free facility. Due to logistics and volume, I am unable to accommodate food allergies.